Wk2 – Classmate Conversation- Lyle Adonis


Today, I met another friend by the name of Lyle Adonis. When we first started talking, it was not awkward at all. It turns out that he is in my chemistry class and we are both suffering together. Lyle is a really friendly person who loves watching anime and playing tennis. He is a biology major aspiring to be a physician assistant. In addition to watching television and playing sports, he loves to study and hang out with friends. He told me that the one thing he would like to do in the future is to travel the world and try various foods from each country. With such enthusiasm, Lyle wants to first start off by going to the Philippines. Also, Lyle is really open and has a sense of humor. After class, we walked together to our cars and he started showing me funny photos and videos. Being a local in Long Beach, Lyle commutes to school everyday and loves to try different places to eat after he finishes school for the day. His favorite place to go eat with his friends would be any Korean barbecue restaurant. When I asked him, “What emotion does the color red bring up to you”, he stated love because he said hearts are associated with being red.

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Wk1 – Classmate Conversation- Ceasar Nonga

     On January 26,2017, I met a new friend by the name of Ceasar Nonga. Initially, when my professor, by the name of Glenn Zucman, asked us to talk to a classmate and get to know them, I felt uncomfortable because I do not like socializing with people by force because it feels very awkward. However, Ceasar and I immediately made eye contact and we started a conversation. It turns out that Ceasar and I are both the same major and have similar aspirations. He plans on finishing college with a degree in Kinesiology. Afterwards, he hopes to get into the California State University, Long Beach Physical Therapy Program. Although he was a bit shy at first, Ceasar opened up and being talking about himself more. He loves to work out and help others. Having little free time, Ceasar usually studies for his classes or browses through social media. With the limited amount of interaction time we had, I plan on knowing him more as time progresses. When I asked him the question of the week, which was “What emotion does the color red bring up for you?”, he responded anger because he stated that when people are angry, they turn red. He is very positive and is filled with energy, which was very conspicuous through the way he articulates his thoughts.

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WK1- Art Experience-Plaster Casting

Before this activity, I had never used plaster before in my life. However, I plan on using plaster more in the future because it is amazing how plaster has the ability to turn a hollow shape of something into a solid object. On January 26, 2017, I went to the beach and tried to attempt this activity. I thought this assignment was going to be really fun and exciting because I love going to the beach, especially during the summer. However, this is my first time going to the beach nearby school throughout my whole two years of attending California State University, Long Beach. After digging two holes near the water, I put my hands in there to make a hollow mold. Then, I mixed the plaster with the water and poured it inside. The wait was horrendous due to the weather conditions. My feet were absolutely frozen, and the wind was very strong. While waiting for my plaster to solidify, I would look around and take time to appreciate the scenic beauty of the beach. Around thirty minutes after, I took out my plaster and it turned out quite well! I was elated and plan on keeping it as a memory of the first time I used plaster. Overall, I loved this assignment because it was so unique. I have never taken a class where I had an assignment that required to go to the beach!