Wk15- Classmate Conversation-Alexandria Sandoval


On this very day, I was able to meet another friend by the name of Alexandria Sandoval. She’s from Rancho Cucamonga and now has an apartment in Long Beach near school. Currently, she is a second year studying kinesiology, exercise science. Alexandria is trying to become a physical therapist. Out of three siblings, Alexandria is stuck in the middle. She loves to draw, play sports, and run. She told me how she like to perform physical activities because it gets all her stress out. Similar to me, she works at an arcade called Round 1. Although I don’t work at Round 1, I work at an arcade as well. Also, she told me that her greatest weaknesses are chemistry and biology. Even though she spends countless hours studying, she still finds it difficult. I can relate to her because I am currently taking those courses that she took since we are in the same major. If you want to know more about Alexandria, visit her website:



Author: derekcsite

Hello! My name is Derek Chow. I am currently an exercise science major under Kinesiology aspiring to be a physical therapist.

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