Wk15- Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life


  1. Currently, the thing I want to be doing right now would to become a physical therapist. The reason why I got into this field was because ever since I was a kid, I would always have dislocated or broken bones and needed to go to a physical therapist. I always loved how they were able to maintain a growing relationship with their patients and seeing them progress to returning back to their original state before being injured. I volunteered at a clinic and I absolutely loved it! That is why I want to become a physical therapist. However, I am not completely passionate about it but it’s something I want to go after as if right now. Life would be good since the job is not stressful and the income is great! For this career field, my confidence, satisfaction, and impact is really high as well as my resources.
  2. If physical therapy was not an option anymore, I would want to be a personal trainer. After taking an anatomy course, I excelled in the muscle groups since I was always so interested. Although I am not muscular or strong as compared to the typical appearance of a personal trainer, I really enjoy how the muscles works and seeing individuals striving to become a better person that they were before, whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally. For this future, I feel as though I can not do what I want outside my career since this job does not pay that well. I think my confidence, impact, and satisfaction would be high but not my resources.
  3. If I was already financially secure, I would want to be a car mechanic. When I state car mechanic, I want to be a person who actually modifies cars instead of repairing. For example, I like to add more parts to cars, such as lip kits, side skirts, mufflers, wheels, rims because I have done so throughout the years. It all started when my group of friends obtained nice cars and fixed them up. Ever since they bought it, I would always help them add stuff to their cars, such as rims and mufflers, and I completely love it. Plus, since I am financially stable, I would like to open up a shop and work on other cars as well. I would want to build up cars and be able to sell them as well as time progresses. I believe that the only thing that would be high would be my satisfaction.

Author: derekcsite

Hello! My name is Derek Chow. I am currently an exercise science major under Kinesiology aspiring to be a physical therapist.

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