Wk14- Classmate Conversation- Josh Ocular


     Today, I was able to talk more with my friend Josh Ocular. Surprisingly, Josh is the same year as me and he is currently studying sociology. Josh commutes daily from Carson, which is fairly close to Long Beach. In addition, he loves to go out, eat, and play sports. He stated that his favorite type of sport would have to be tennis. In high school, Josh was on the tennis team. Besides being adventurous and trying new things, he also loves to just relax at home and binge watch shows. His favorite types of shows are definitely anime. I’ve noticed that it was really easy to talk to him! Josh is really outgoing and friendly. He could also spark up and maintain an interesting conversation without ever losing interest. If you want to know more about Josh, visit his website:




Author: derekcsite

Hello! My name is Derek Chow. I am currently an exercise science major under Kinesiology aspiring to be a physical therapist.

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