Wk12- Artist Conversation- Travis Lober

Exhibition Information

Artist: Travis Lober

Exhibition: WORK: It’s a four letter word

Media: Printmaking, wood, and tools

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

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About the Artist

Currently, Travis is attending California State University, Long Beach’s School of Arts with the emphasis on printmaking. Initially, Travis worked in the construction field before fully pursuing his passion as an artist. As a construction field worker, Travis has a deep love and interest for his tools. In addition, he truly loves every single aspect and process that takes place on the construction site. Also, he likes to work with machinery and having that feeling of control as well as the ability to create things.

Formal Analysis

Travis utilizes bright lights to display his work. To hang up his work, Travis uses wooden boards as a frame to hang them up. In addition, Travis utilizes multiple tools that are commonly used in the construction field within his pieces. These pieces include wooden frames, measuring tools, and other metal pieces. To create his pieces, Travis utilizes multiple colors of paint that are relatively similar to the color of the tools he uses in the construction field. Majority of his pieces incorporate different types of patterns depending on what material he is creating. Also, Travis utilizes multiple shades of a color to create depth.

Content Analysis

According to Travis during the interview, he stated how the purpose of his exhibit was to express his love for tools. The tools reminded him of the different smells, sound, and vibrations that came from using a particular tool. From that feeling Travis obtains, he expresses it within an art piece. For example, the piece that was above his exhibit name was the one that I drew interest. Travis wanted to incorporate two things that he really loves doing and fuse them together. I was able to observe the different types of tools and material Travis works on and deals with frequently.

Synthesis/ My Experience

     I really enjoyed observing the exhibit and observing how Travis was able to blend his passion and love for the construction field and art together. It was really interesting to see how he was able to combine two thing that were quite different and producing magnificent pieces that work so well together. In addition, I was drawn to the small intricate details that Travis produces. It amazes me how Travis utilized multiple shades of certain colors to provide such deep depth.


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