Wk11- Classmate Conversation- Aaron Vito and Kiara Courtney Lacambara


 Today, instead of doing a normal classmate conversation, I met two new friends today! The first one would be Kiara Courtney Lacambara, also known as “KC”. KC is currently a nursing major who aspires to be a nurse one day. She told me that she wanted to be a nurse because it provides her satisfaction when she helps people. On her free time, KC loves to watch Korean dramas and play different types of sports with her friends. However, she stated she does not have much time since she is always studying for her classes. She talked about how hard it was to get into the nursing program. When I first talked to her, she gave me a friendly, positive, and cheery vibe. I will definitely talk to her more often as time progresses!

     The second person I met today was Aaron Vito. Although Aaron was quite reticent at first, we opened up to each other. As we started talking, I got this really positive and friendly vibe from him. As if right now, Aaron is currently majoring in biomedical engineer. He stated how it is super hard since he has to take many science classes as well as engineering classes. During his free time, Aaron loves to watch anime and break dance. Aaron is in a club on campus where he dances. I believe that the club was called the Filipino American coalition.

If you want to know more about them, check out Aaron’s and KC’s website!




Author: derekcsite

Hello! My name is Derek Chow. I am currently an exercise science major under Kinesiology aspiring to be a physical therapist.

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