Wk10 – Artist Conversation- Clare Samani

Exhibition Information

Artist: Clare Samani

Exhibition: Dressed

Media: paper, ink, clothes, and print

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clares_printing/

About the Artist

     Initially, Clare lived in the San Fernando Valley; however, she temporarily moved to Long Beach to attend school. Currently, Clare is attending California State University, Long Beach’s School of Arts with the emphasis on printmaking. Ever since she was just a child, she loved to draw and paint. She stated that she loves to do those activities because you do does not require any sense of direction. Afterwards, when she started to attending college and took a printmaking class, and she immediately fell in love with it. As if right now, Clare wants to go graduate school in Louisiana to further study printmaking.

Formal Analysis

     Primarily, Clare works with articles of clothing that she is either given, found, bought, or observed. She tries to focus on exploring the symbolism and identity that is affiliated with people and clothing. In her paintings, she blends different types of colors that create a really bold effect that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Generally, many of her art pieces has a huge contrast from the article of clothing that’s being expressed and the background. In addition, Clare exemplifies different types of patterns that solely depend on what type of clothing that she is working with.

Content Analysis

     Within each of Clare’s pieces, her love for fashion, especially American fashion, is evident. Clare’s produces artwork that were influenced by pieces of clothing that she either found, clothing that her friends wear, or clothing interest her that she observes on other people. The piece that caught my eye was the casual white dress shirt piece. Clare stated that she gather inspiration for that piece when she found that shirt lying on the floor within the campus. Afterwards, she was inspired to create a piece of art using that shirt she found.

Synthesis/ My Experience

     I really enjoyed Clare’s ideas and painting because I have similar pieces of clothing that she has painted, such as the dress shirt painting. Similar to Clare, I have a huge love for clothing and fashion. I would always browse online to look and shop for clothes. My favorite type of style would be streetwear. Although streetwear was not incorporated within her artwork, it is really intriguing to see different types of clothing that Clare works with and what fits into her interests.


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