Wk9 – Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

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     Initially, I was pretty excited to do this art activity! Sketching what I was going to do with a pencil was not that bad. Although I am not good at drawing and doing bubbly letters, I tried my best. Afterwards, I went outside to start spray painting. However, I tested the power of the spray on the back of the poster boards. When I was feeling confident I started to paint it. While doing so, I realized that it was really hard to control and the paint was going everywhere. In addition, the harsh winds that was occurring made it even worse for me. I didn’t want to paint inside because my family was home and the smell was just too much. Even performing the activity outside, I thought that the smell of the can was just overwhelming. I was trying to do yin and yang energy symbols but as they were drying, they smeared everywhere. Sadly, I also got paint on my clothes without realizing it after finishing the art piece. However, it was great to experience using spray cans and creating something with them.


Author: derekcsite

Hello! My name is Derek Chow. I am currently an exercise science major under Kinesiology aspiring to be a physical therapist.

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