Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

After being assigned to take different photos in different contexts, I immediately imagined cars being part of my “departure”. After class and called my friends to help my with my art experience. With the help of my friends, I was able to take various photos incorporating a car as being part of my departure. Creating this was fun because it took a lot of thought on where to take the photos at. Since the block near my house is always very busy, I decided to take the photos at a nearby park that is usually vacant. I did not want to cause any hazards to drivers on the road.  Instead of using fake blood, I just put some ketchup just for the sake of attempting to replace fake blood. However, that drastically failed because it felt so sticky and it was not viscous enough. This was a learning experience for me because never again would I use ketchup as fake blood. After finishing taking photos of my departure, my friends and I decided to have some fun and take funny photos since I was already on the floor covered with ketchup. Overall, I had a great experience using Izima Kaoru’s concept and recreating it with my interest and mindset. It was relatively quick and the experience was worth it all.


Author: derekcsite

Hello! My name is Derek Chow. I am currently an exercise science major under Kinesiology aspiring to be a physical therapist.

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